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FOX TAEKWON-DO is an independent martial arts school specializing in the Korean martial art of self defense. We provide the best instruction for all ages in our professionally run full time facility. Our decades of instruction experience will do wonders for you and/or your children. Improve grades, attitudes, fitness, concentration and self confidence with fun & motivational classes.



Glenn Fox began training in the Korean Martial Art of TaeKwon-Do in 1985 at the age of 14. When Glenn was finishing grade 12 in school he tested for his 1st Dan (degree) Black-Belt. He opened his first school the next year with friend and fellow Black-Belt Roger Mah at Camrose Lutheran College. One year later he started two more schools in Stettler and New Sarepta.

In 1991 Glenn took over the Camrose School which he has grown into a full time business. Fox TaeKwon-Do Schools has produced many amazing Black-Belts and martial artists.

Competitively Glenn has been the Canadian Heavy Weight Sparring Champion and Canadian Black-Belt Forms Champion. He represented Canada on the international scene twice at the Open World TaeKwon-Do Championships placing in the top 3 both times. He was also Team Canada Coach for the World Championships in Eindhoven, Netherlands in 2000 and in Miami, Florida in 2002 with members making on the podium both times.

In 2005 Glenn was inducted into the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame. In May 2006 Glenn tested for his 6th Dan. With an incredible demonstration he received his Master certification.

Glenn continues to teach at his Camrose school, dedicating much of his time to his students and the continuing evolution of TaeKwon-Do.


Tanya Fox trained in Ottawa, Ontario under the Can-Ryu system of Jiu-Jitsu and received her black belt at age 18. In 2003, Tanya moved to Edmonton, Alberta where she met and later married Master Fox. She also began a new love affair with TaeKwon-Do.

Along with being the Vice-President of Fox TaeKwon-Do Schools she is also the proud owner of Crafty Crafters Ltd. a craft supply store. 

She is also the proud Mom to Owen who is sure to want to follow in his father's footsteps.



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